Purchasing Carpet

Finding the Right Carpet

Did you know that there are hundreds of styles and even more colours of wall-to-wall carpet on the market today?  As a decorating element, carpet offers many choices to help consumers create the atmosphere they want for their home, from the most subdued to the brightest patterns and colours.  Here are some key factors to consider when choosing your carpet.

Location and use:
When first choosing a type of carpet, you need to know how the space will be used.  A high traffic area such as a hallway or a living room requires a carpet that will stand up to a lot of use.  Also worth considering is whether your carpet is close to an outside door or will be exposed to sunlight.  It is also important to choose carpet that is suitable for various traffic areas.  Ask your carpet retailer to guide you to carpet that is designed to stand up to the use you have in mind.
Carpet comes in almost every colour, pattern and texture you can imagine.  Since your carpet will cover a large portion of your living space, consider choosing colours that work with your existing furniture and decorating style.
Since there is a very wide range of prices when it comes to carpet, a good consumer must do careful research.  The cost of carpet is based on many factors, including fibre, construction, quality, and design.  Consider which room of your home you are buying for and ask your retailer to give you a complete price estimate.  Do not forget to include the cost of carpet cushion and installationas part of your budget.  Carpet has the best ratio of quality to price, and with proper care, lasts a very long time.
Textures and Patterns:
For consumers with bolder tastes, today’s new technology can produce multilevel loop and cut/loop patterns.  You can choose from diamonds, bows, pin dots, or fleurs-de-lis designs that stand out in sculptured effects.  The texture, colours, and pattern of the carpet can also be made to complement or contrast with patterns of your furniture and window treatments.

If all this seems too much to handle, remember that doing your research is the most important thing to do before making a purchase.  Visit your local carpet retailers and find out what styles and prices are available.  Also, ask about the appropriate carpet cushion.

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