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Q: My son was recently diagnosed with asthma. Should I remove the carpet in his bedroom?

A: If you are concerned with asthma, you will be happy to hear that the results of many international studies are casting a new light on the relationship between carpet and indoor air quality. 

In New Jersey, in a study of over 4,600 school children, it was found that when an asthmatic child’s bedroom was carpeted, there were lower rates of asthma medication being used and lower school absenteeism.  The results were reported in 2003 in the Journal of Exposure, Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology.

In another study, the European Community Respiratory Health Service investigated the association between asthma and exposure to risk factors in the environment by questioning over 19,000 people in 18 countries.  The study, published in the Journal of Allergy & Clinical Immunology in 2002, found that people who lived in homes with wall-to-wall carpets in the bedroom showed fewer asthma symptoms and fewer allergies than those without.

Finally, a 2005 study by the German Allergies and Asthma Society showed that there was much less fine dust in the breathing zone in a room with wall-to-wall carpet than in a room without.

As you can see, carpet that is properly cared for may actually reduce the amount of airborne allergens in the indoor environment.  It’s simple: carpet fibres trap the allergens, thereby keeping them out of the breathing zone until an efficient vacuum cleaner is used to refresh the carpet’s trapping ability.

For more information on carpet and health, visit the Scientific Studies section of our website.


Q: I like to buy Canadian products as much as possible.  Are there any Canadian carpet manufacturers that I can consider?

A: Yes, all the CCI’s manufacturer members produce carpet in Canada and offer a great variety of quality carpets.  Our members are Beaulieu Canada, Crossley Carpet Mills Ltd., Kraus Carpet Mills Ltd. and Venture Carpets.  Visit their web sites for more information and to find out where to buy their quality products.


Q: I was painting recently and spilled paint on my carpet. How I can get rid of the stain?

A: There are steps and methods you can follow to get rid of that paint spill.  Try applying nail polish remover to the area first.  If that doesn’t work, try dry cleaning fluid - a nonflammable spot removal liquid available in grocery and hardware stores.  You can also try a detergent solution - mix 2 cups of cold water and I/8 teaspoon of mild liquid detergent (no lanolin, non-bleach).  If you have no luck with any of these options, try a spot removal kit, available from retail carpet stores or professional cleaners.  If all else fails, call a professional for additional suggestions, special cleaning chemicals or the ability to patch the area.

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